Profile of Arjan Tax

Since he was a little boy, Arjan was fascinated with spirituality and at a young age started with dowsing rod. Through downsing rod he became aware of the energy that is present in a room or space and wether it was a positive or negative energy. The energy can be described as light or heavy energy. You may recognize it yourself; you are walking in a forest and you stumble upon on a place where it’s very peaceful and tranquil. Or you experience the opposite; a place that feels uneasy, you don’t feel welcome and you want to leave as soon a possible. The first place consist of positive energy in which you feel at home and you can relax. It’s almost feels like there is magic in the air.

Through the years Arjan has developed skills regarding working with energy. He is able to transform negative energy into positive energy. By creating balance he changes an ordinay place into a magical place. Arjan specializes in energy circles. He designs, develops and maintaines a chrystal grid where the energy frequency is very high. These energy circles can be described as ancient holy places which people to this day still visit to experience inner peace. With this ancient knowledge combined with the channels that Arjan receives from the source, he creates energy circles with a balanced atmospfere that lives and thrives in accordance with its surroundings. Once an urban planner said that Arjans creations only come to life when the graveyard is full. He meant that through the years a city develops a sence of self; a soul as a result of events that have taken place and the history these events entails. By balancing the energy of a space and its surroundings, its soul is exposed to the outer world. By doing so, from the very beginning the space comes to live and that is exactly what Arjan considers a magical place.