Garden design

A complete new garden or a garden renovation? You can choose to do it yourself, but why not outsource it to a professional? With a design of Arjan Tax you are guaranteed a dream garden

Customised design

A garden design requires a high level of knowledgde and experience, but also a creative and personal approach. Arjan Tax is able to capture the feeling of your dream garden and transform it into a specific design in which various elements come together to form a unique and personal garden.

Why choose for garden design?

In order to build a dream garden there a lot of things to take into account. Not every plant of flower goes with every type of building or outdoor lamp. The question remains whether the garden design is still beautiful after two years. The expertise and experience of Arjan Tax offers security with a garden design, one that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Energetic and healing gardens

One of the characteristics of a design of Arjan Tax is a energetic and healing aspect to every garden. Through a special form of garden design Arjan is able to transform your surroundings into a place of tranquility with a positive energy. By using certain plants and chrystals he creates balance in your garden, a place where you can relax and recharge of every day life. This aspect is what sets Arjan apart from every other garden designer.

To get an impression of the style of Arjan, have a look in his portfolio. It clearly shows that Arjan is a true artist; artistic, dreamy and quite different from mainstream.

Do you want a garden design that unique and different in every way? Please contact us at +31 622308805 or send a mail to