Energetic living

Energetic living conditions

A house could be beautifully decorated, but when the atmosphere isn’t nice, you are never going to feel at home. Some rooms can even feel heavy. By cleaning up old energies and transform it into light, the room will be restored in balance. You can feel a change in energy; the room radiates peace and calmness. By tuning in Arjan can sence what needs to happen to change the energy of a room and by doing so, the room tranforms into a place of serenity

Energetic working conditions

Whether it’s a old or new building, it can contain a lot of “old” energy from its previous occupants or events that have take place in the past. These energies could influence and even disturb your process of starting/ setting up your business. By clearing old energies, there is literally room for you to create and anchor your own energy. A natural flow that resonates with you can arise and grow within the company. This will create a positive and balanced atmosphere which lead to an increase in productivity.

What kind of services does Arjan offer?

Arjan can provide the following services:

  • Cleansing of house/space by removing heavy energies.
  • Creating a nice and loving energy by placing chrystals on certain places that Arjan gets channeled through.
  • Creating positive spaces within your living environment
  • Giving personal readings that Arjans get channeled through
  • Tracking and neutralizing water veins

To make an appointment or if you have any questions, please contact us via +31 6 22308805 or info@arjantax.nl.