It is possible to book a session to receive a healing. During this session Arjan takes you on a inner journey in which he heals blockages that may have caused pain, illness of mental conditions. In this process Arjan works completely intuitively and follows his feeling in collaboration with his guides. Arjan is able to feel where blockages reside in the body and he transforms the energy of these blockages into light which leads to healing. These blockages are usually linked to traumatic emtions and/or events that people have endured in their life. Everything that comes trough channeling, is relevant in that moment and will be passed on and discussed by Arjan. During these conversations people usually gain insight about certain beliefs and/or behavourial pattens that they were unaware of before.

The energy cirkel plays an unique role in the entire process and supports the healing that is taking place. Around or in the energy circle people experience different things, from complete inner peace to the release of intense emotions. Whatever happens during a session, every feeling and emtions are welcome to be seen and felt without judgement from one self.

A session can last between two to three hours. If you are interested in booking a session, don’t hesistate and feel free to contact Arjan via +31 622308805 or info@arjantax.nl.