Energy circle

What is a energy circle?

An energy circle is a place that consist of different levels of energies that at the time of construction are channeled through and anchored to that specific location. The making and maintaince of an energy circle is supported and amplified by different gems, chystals and natural rocks.

What exactly does an energy circle?

Just by making of a circle gives such a transformation to its surroundings. A powerful and loving energy is created, as it were a gate to heaven is opened. In meditation people gain easily insights about exactly what it is that is holding them back, what there physical and mental blockages are. Through walking this process people are able to recover and heal faster from say burn-outs. People can remember who they truly are and start living their life accordingly.

Through the insights that Arjan received as a child, he began to understand how he can work with energies. Arjan was channeled through how he can create places where people can experience inner peace and gain beautiful insights. A great support to any organisation or company where people can get closer to oneself. This way people get inspired, which can lead to the most innovative ideas. The inspiration comes from a place within that people believe and feel to be true. Because of this, people get into a flow and are able to turn these ideas into action. Within the organisation or company a higher level of harmony is created and experienced, but also within the society.

Energy circle Rijsbergen

South of Breda, there lies a town called Rijsbergen. In Rijsbergen the very first energy circle was made by Arjan. Within the circle two ley lines intersect. In the early days pagans came together around powerful places like energy circles to perform rituals and feast to celebrate life. It was considered a tradition to plant an oak to honor the sacred place. When catholic belief came to be, churches were build on these sacred place.

During the making of the circle, Arjan took the wind directions into account, like is seen in old civilizations. In the centre of the circle, exactly at the intersection of the ley lines, lies one out of thirteen stones. These stones symbolise the thirteen moon cylces that occur every year. From ancient times thirteen is considered a holy number instead of the unlucky number that its known for. The other twelve stones form the edge of the circle and symbolize the twelve months of the year.

Around and in the circle there is an energy that can be described as soft but powerful. Being in or around the circle, you can experience insights and healing on a deeper level.

It’s the dream of Arjan to create and spread these circles around the world, to bring people closer to oneself and by doing so experience healing and create a higher state of consciousness. Little by little the world is transformed into a more loving place. Because of this, a great portion of the incomes that Arjan makes as creator of magical places is re-invested into creating other energy circles.

On every first sunday of the month the circle of Rijsbergen can be visited between 10.00 and 17.00 o’clock. On these days Arjan is present to answer any questions. Every Wednesday and Friday the circle can also be visited between 10.00 and 17.00 o’clock.

Oekelseheidestraat 5
4891PH Rijsbergen