Water veins & Cry babies

What are water veins?

A water vein is water that flows underground between layers of rock. As a result of this an energy field is created that can be experienced as negative. Possible side effects are that you feel a lot colder than is expected according to the ambient temperature or you can experience a draft that is physically is impossible to feel due to the fact it usually regards confined spaces. If you sleep or work on a water vein you can experience several physical complaints, including fatigueness and headaches. Also, in older houses tears can arise in places where water veins run.

What are ley lines?

Ley lines are lines of positive energy. In the early days churches were build in places where ley lines crossed each other. Along these lines, at the places they intersect, there are high levels of concentraded energy. In the Netherlands Napoleon used these ley lines to his benefit by marching his armies on these ley lines. The soldiers were able to march great distances while maintaining their energy. Nowadays these roads are used by us to drive on.

Dowsing rod 

Water veins can be tracked by dowsing rod and then neutralized. Arjan has practiced dowsing rod since he was twelve. From 16 he started with neutralizing water veins in people’s homes. After years of experience he realized that unexplainable medical complaints can be easily resolved. Among these complains were headaches, heart problems, uneasy sleeping, problems to concentrate and cry babies.

The effect van wateraders on cry babies 

Since the beginning of time people have always taking water veins into account in places where people lived, but mostly where they slept. It’s common knowledge that when people sleep on or near a water vein, they potentially cope with headaches, exhaustion or sleep poorly through the night. This has to due with the negative energy of water veins. Since the second world war people have forgotten about this phenomenon, so nowadays people don’t know of the existence of water veins, let alone realize they could be living on of near a water vein. This could be the case for a baby that cries a lot more than average or only cries when you lay him or her to bed. Parents of a cry baby are often desperate,  because they have tried everything without finding a cause and are told that they just have to deal with it. The situation worsens every day; baby gets strained, parents get strained and end up in a vicious circle.

Given my experience with cry babies, there is a real chance your baby is sleeping on a water vein. By neutralizing the energy of the water vein, the crying will stop. Baby and parents will return to a night of sleep and rest.