Creator of magical places

The vision of Arjan is to make the word even more beautiful than it already is by creating magical places. As creator of magical places he takes it up to himself to bring balance to the working and living conditions of people on a global scale. And also to create places where people reconnect with nature and therefore themselves.

Energy circles

The leven of ambition is like himself; grand and innovative. It’s his dream to create energy circles around the world. To connect and amplify these circles with each other in order to transform the earth to a higher state of consciousness. With the money he earns from paid circles, he uses a large amount to place circles around the world for free. The first energy circle lies in his own back garden. If you want to visit the energy circle, click here for the openings hours.

Energetic living

Arjan removes heavy energies from places and transform it into light which results into more nice living conditions. Think of your place at work, a room in your house or even a part of your garden. Who doesn’t want to feel at home everywhere? Click here for more information.


During a healing Arjan takes you on a inner journey in which he heals blockages that have caused pain, illness of mental conditions. Do you want to know more about receiving a healing, click here for more information.

Garden design

A garden design requires a high level of knowledgde and experience, but also a creative and personal approach. Arjan Tax is able to capture the feeling of your dream garden and transform it into a specific design in which various elements come together to form a unique and personal garden. Click here for more information.